Always expect a train on a platform and stand at least 1.5 metres away from the platform edge

Not all trains stop at ALL stations. Some express trains and freight trains may travel through at high speed without stopping.

Always expect a train on a platform and stand at least 1.5 metres away from the platform edge. Fast trains can create a vacuum called a ‘back draft’ that can blow you over or suck you under a train.

Under no circumstances should you ever sit on the edge of a platform. In New Zealand people have died from being hit by a train while sitting on a station platform.

Platform Safety

Train stations and platforms can pose safety risks if you do not follow some simple safety guidelines.

Always stand well behind the yellow line on the platform and do not walk over the line until the train has come to a complete stop.

Be careful of the gap between the platform and the train – and take particular care to step well clear of the gap as you board the train.

All platforms are different and the size of the gap may vary from station to station. Let passengers who are disembarking clear the area completely before boarding the train.

Anything with wheels has the potential to be dangerous on a train platform

  • Never use skateboards, scooters or bikes on a train platform, and always turn wheels so they are at right angles to the tracks.
  • Always walk and don’t run on a train platform, to avoid tripping and potentially falling onto the tracks.
  • If you drop anything onto the rail tracks you should leave it and request assistance from station staff. If no station staff are available, phone the railway emergency help line on 0800 800 400.

Arriving and leaving a station

There are crossings in New Zealand where the pedestrian level crossing is further down from the station.

If a train is sitting and not moving at the platform, and the level crossing alarms are operating, you MUST not cross the level crossing to get your train on time.

Where there are double tracks another train may be coming from the other direction. When arriving or leaving a station, always use the designated pedestrian areas at railway stations and never walk across the tracks. Obey the signs and only cross at legal entry and exit points.