Distraction, risk taking and complacency can result in collisions between people and trains

Always remove headphones and stay alert around railway tracks and trains


Sometimes people become distracted by external factors around them and fail to look for approaching trains. Pedestrians can become distracted, particularly by the use of modern technology.

People can stay safe around tracks by removing headphones and not using mobile devices anywhere near the rail corridor.

Collisions between trains and people almost always occur because the pedestrian has made a mistake in judgment or perception.

Ignoring warning signs

Alarms and bells signal that a train is coming. Sometimes people decide to cross tracks after a train has passed but before the signals have stopped operating. This is particularly dangerous on double tracks as a train may be coming from the other direction.


Some collisions occur because people decide to ignore the warning signs or signals and try to beat the train across the crossing. People may not understand that trains are usually travelling faster than they think, and decide to take unnecessary and unlawful risks.


A significant proportion of pedestrian collisions are attributable to intentional self-harm