Always take particular care when travelling with children around train platforms and at level crossings.

At Stations

When travelling with young children or babies around train platforms always remember the following safety tips:

  • Position the buggy or stroller at right angles to the platform edge, to minimise the risk of it rolling onto the tracks
  • Securely fasten your child into the buggy before getting on the train
  • If you have taken the child out of the buggy, always keep hold of the child’s hand when boarding the train
  • Ask the train guard for assistance with the buggy or stroller if you need it
  • It is a good idea to board the train near to the guard so he/she can see you clearly
  • Be careful of the gap between the platform and the train

Teach your children about how they can keep themselves safe:

  • Discourage them from playing on train platforms
  • Talk to them about the risks of the railway and how they can keep themselves safe around platforms
  • Make sure they know to always stand well behind the yellow line until the train has come to a complete stop
  • Explain that they should never play on railway tracks because they are out of bounds and very dangerous

Remember to tell your children that trains are fast, quiet, and take a long time to stop

Never let children play with toys or balls or other play items on a train platform – if toys fall onto the tracks you will not be able to retrieve them.

For more information about teaching children about rail safety in schools, check the previous page.