We’re blowing the whistle on train track photography

Stop Track Photography

Whether you’re in the middle of urban Auckland, or beside the tracks outside of Levin, trespassing in the rail corridor to take photos or videos on train tracks is illegal.

Worse still, it’s unsafe. Why?

· Trains are often travelling faster than you think – up to 100km/h in rural areas

· If a train can see you, it’s usually too close to stop in time,

· Trains don’t all run to schedule and can travel at any time, from either direction, day or night.

The toll of rail accidents is immense - on victims, families and on rail staff.

This issue is more prevalent than you might think, with both members of the public and influential clothing labels, musicians, TV reporters and those in the advertising and creative industries using train tracks as a photography backdrop.

While it may create the ‘perfect’ scene, what many don’t realise is that trespassing on the rail corridor is the leading cause of rail deaths both in New Zealand and overseas.

With a rise in the use of smartphones and selfies over the last decade, capturing a track shot is easier and more popular than ever, but we’re asking all New Zealanders - particularly photographers, creatives and agencies - to make a conscious decision NOT to take photos on the train tracks.

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