Ray Burgess story

I was expected to die, and so I know I am one of the lucky ones."

Former courier driver Ray Burgess has no memory of the collision with a train that has left him with a permanent speech impediment and ongoing problems with his sight and teeth.

In 2007, Ray was driving a vehicle which was hit by a train at a level crossing near Waimauku in Auckland.

He has no memory of the collision, which trapped him in his vehicle where he suffered burns to his face and mouth from scalding motor oil.

Ray was pulled from the wreckage by local fire brigade staff and he then spent over three months in an Auckland hospital recovering from the collision.

In 2009 Ray attended a staged collision by KiwiRail at a site near to where his accident occured.

He says he supports public safety campaigns aimed at raising awareness about safe behaviour at level crossings.

I really urge people to be aware of trains, and particularly to always stop and look for trains at crossings where there are no lights or bells.
Ray Burgess

"I was expected to die, and so I know I am one of the lucky ones," he says.

"I hope that by being involved in rail safety campaigns and sharing my story, that I can play a small role in ensuring that accidents like mine don't happen to anyone else.