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Electric Trains

Electric trains run on the passenger lines in Wellington and Auckland.

Wellington has had electric trains for around 70 years, however new electric trains only began running in Auckland in May 2014.  This video was taken at the launch of the new trains. 


Safety around Electric Trains

Electric trains are faster and quieter than diesel-powered trains.

The best way to stay safe around electric trains is to remain focused at all times. 

Look for trains in both directions before crossing the tracks and always wait for the bells and lights to stop before crossing the tracks,

It’s really important to obey the lights and bells at crossings because once a train has passed, another could be coming from the other direction.
For more information about Auckland's electric trains see the Auckland Transport website here.

Overhead wires

Electric trains are powered by overhead wires which also has safety implications. 

These wires carry electrical energy 100 times more powerful than what is used in homes, and the electricity can jump or arc across the air.

This means that people need to stay clear of these wires at all times, and never let anything such as kites or balloons come into contact with them.

Find more information about safety around electric wires here on this site or on the KiwiRail website.

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