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'Trust Me' Safety Campaign

From Monday 9 May 2016 more passenger trains will be running on Auckland’s Western Line between Britomart and Swanson.

  • During peak times trains will travel in both directions every 10 minutes (12 trains per hour)
  • Between peak times trains will travel in both directions every 20 minutes (6 trains per hour).
  • Off peak (evenings and weekends) trains will travel in both directions every 30 minutes (4 trains per hour).
Freight services will also continue to operate.

Safety Advice for Pedestrians

  • Take extra care and stay alert when crossing the tracks.
  • Remember to always obey the warning signs at the crossing – if lights are flashing or bells are ringing, one or more trains are coming
  • Stop and look for trains both ways up and down the tracks
  • Stay focused.  Take off your headphones and put away your phone when near railway tracks
  • If there’s a pedestrian swing gate, wait until the gate opens fully before crossing.
Don’t assume an approaching train will stop at the station – some trains pass through stations without stopping (freight and not in service trains).

Launch of Safety Campaign

A new safety campaign aimed at raising awareness of safe behaviour at level crossings is being launched by Auckland Transport at the beginning of May. 

This campaign involves safety posters at stations, radio advertising, newspaper advertising, a local mailbox flier drop to affected residents, newsletter articles to all schools near the Western Line and social media promotion.

Safety ambassadors will also be handing out safety information at high usage crossings at peak times prior to the timetable change.

For more information about safe pedestrian behaviour at level crossings click here and here for safety advice for motorists.

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