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Television advertising is used around the world and in New Zealand to raise awareness about rail safety and to influence behaviour.

This advertisement screened in New Zealand and Australia, aimed at impatient motorists who might attempt to beat a train across a level crossing.  The 'some things are worth waiting for' tagline emphasised the potential lifelong events that the driver would miss if he was fatally injured in a level crossing collision. 

This is the international television advertisement that was developed in Europe and screened throughout the world for International Level Crossing Awareness Day in 2010 and 2011.


In 2008 and 2009 a series of Australian television 'ghost ads' screened in New Zealand.  The hard-hitting advertisements showed the dangers of the rail corridor. The first advertisement showed the dangers of children playing on rail tracks, and a cyclist not looking in both directions for trains where there are double tracks.


The second advertisement in this series showed the dangers of motorists attempting to race a train over a crossing, and the implications for a mother who is distracted while driving, and fails to ensure there is adequate space for her car before entering a level crossing.

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