What we do

TrackSAFE NZ is a charitable trust raising awareness about safe behaviour on and around the rail network, through proactive communication, engagement and collaboration.

Our goals are to:

  • Raise awareness with the public (pedestrians, motorists and cyclists) of positive safety behaviours around the rail network
  • To assist other organisations in keeping the public of New Zealand safe around the rail network
  • To seek engagement from stakeholder organisations to pursue their own awareness raising initiatives in targeted key risk environments

A full copy of the TrackSAFE NZ Strategy can be downloaded here.

TrackSAFE aims to reduce safety incidents on the railway by educating the public and raising awareness about the issues.


  • Advertising
  • Publicity and media relations
  • Awareness-raising events and campaigns
  • Providing best practice safety education advice to schools and the rail industry
  • Publication and display of rail safety pamphlets and brochures


Currently KiwiRail upgrades around eight level crossings a year. A number of other low cost engineering solutions are currently being trialled in New Zealand.


Railway organisations and the NZ Police work together collaboratively to help ensure that the appropriate warnings or prosecution is taken against those who fail to obey the laws around level crossings in New Zealand. More information about the laws relating to level crossings and trespassing are on this website.

A near collision can either be at a level crossing or elsewhere on the railway tracks.


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