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We work closely with TrackSAFE Australia.

As a registered harm prevention charity, the TrackSAFE Foundation endeavours to reduce near collisions, injuries and fatalities on the rail network resulting from suicide and reckless behaviour.

By doing so, TrackSAFE aims to create a better workplace for rail employees.

TrackSAFE recognises that rail safety responsibilities extend beyond rail organisations to educational and community service groups, governments, health organisations, road user groups and the broader community.
As such TrackSAFE forms close working relationships with key stakeholders across a range of organisations and sectors to deliver an all-of-industry and cross-industry approach to improving rail safety and minimising harm.

Established by the Australian rail industry in 2012, TrackSAFE undertakes a number of key initiatives in the trauma support, education and rail safety space.

Just some of the initiatives TrackSAFE offers include:

  • level crossing safety forums,
  • suicide awareness training for platform staff,
  • RailRes’ self-support app designed for rail industry workers, and
  • TrackSAFE Education rail safety initiative for primary and secondary schools.
A nationwide, collaborative approach allows TrackSAFE to build on the successful annual programs in place –such as Rail R U OK?Day and Rail Safety Week– which continue to grow year-on-year as they address the far-reaching issues that affect the rail industry.

A memorandum of understanding recognises TrackSAFE NZ and TrackSAFE Australia's common interests and commitment to promoting safety and reducing incidents on the rail networks in both countries.

To find out more about TrackSAFE in Australia, please visit:

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