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TrackSAFE NZ works closely and collaboratively with Tracksafe in Australia.

TrackSAFE is a registered Harm Prevention Charity, established by the Australian Rail Industry in March 2012.

It aims to reduce near collisions, injuries and deaths on the rail network resulting from suicide and reckless behavior, in doing so creating a better workplace for rail employees.

The organisation brings together rail operators, community service providers, the police, road user groups, and other key stakeholders to reduce incidents and the trauma to rail employees.

TrackSAFE addresses suicide and trespass on the rail network and works to improve education and awareness around railway level crossing safety.

Providing best practice in trauma counselling and management to rail employees across Australasian rail operators is another key focus of TrackSAFE.

A memorandum of understanding recognises TrackSAFE NZ and TrackSAFE Australia's common interests and commitment to promoting safety and reducing incidents on the rail networks in both countries.

Following comprehensive research and engagement across the rail industry, a series of actions have been initiated.

These include:

  • Rail suicide prevention projects; 
  • The development of a Rail Industry Trauma Management Framework for rail organisations
  • A nationwide schools’ rail safety education program; and
  • Rail Safety Week in partnership with the Australasian Railway Association

More information about TrackSAFE in Australia is available here.

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