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Every year in New Zealand people are injured or die on railway tracks.

Since 1993 there have been around 740 collisions at railway level crossings and 131 people have died. In most instances these accidents were avoidable.

This rail safety site has been developed by TrackSAFE NZ as a way of raising awareness and educating the New Zealand public about rail safety.

TrackSAFE NZ is focused on raising awareness of the risks around the railway and helping people learn the skills and behaviours required to keep safe.

Aims of this website

This site aims to help reduce the loss of life, injury and harm caused by road/pedestrian crossing collisions in New Zealand. Information on this site will:

  • Teach you about the risks around the rail corridor
  • Tell you how you can stay safe around the railway
  • Explain the responsibilities that we all have to keep ourselves safe
  • Show the personal impact on the victims and their families as well as the train drivers involved in level crossing accidents

Information you’ll find here

This website also contains a range of information to read or download about rail safety, including:

You will also find sections outlining the law relating to level crossings and railway tracks, and information to teach motorists and pedestrians the correct behaviour needed to keep safe.

You can also find out about our latest rail safety awareness campaigns.

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  • Willy Palmer “We never want to see the horrific things we do”
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